Ripjar Solutions:

Financial Crime

Our advanced data intelligence technology is deployed across the globe to help counter financial crime - automating and scaling capability to respond and mount an effective response to criminal activities.

Supply Chain Risk

Global supply chains are becoming more complex and interconnected. Understanding risk from the growing number of third parties and business relationships relies on continuous due diligence over both internal and external data feeds.

Ripjar offers a unique solution to third-party and vendor risk management that scales with needs of global businesses. Continually monitoring the entire portfolio of entities within an organisation’s supply chain in real-time; uncovering hidden connections and red flags that over-stretched teams of analysts may overlook – ensuring risk analysis and decision-making always has a full picture of all of the available intelligence.

Financial Crime Investigations

Investigations are core to the detection, disruption and remediation of financial crime. Hunting for hidden connections, indicators and red flags, analysts are often faced with the difficulty of querying multiple legacy systems and an inability to see the complete picture and share intelligence with investigations teams, subject matter experts or law enforcement.

Ripjar’s advanced data intelligence platform empowers investigators with a single, fused view over all internal and external data sources. It allows analysts to create and share valuable intelligence with full audit trail and accountability. With powerful built-in analytics to help identify hidden links – Ripjar’s technology resolves entities over multiple languages, detects beneficial ownership structures and links news sources, intelligence reports, locations, phone numbers, and watchlists to follow the trail wherever it may lead.

Adverse Media Screening

Corruption, embezzlement, money laundering; millions of news articles are published every day that potentially relate to a new client risk. However, screening large amounts of clients via manual searching is a growing resource burden for compliance teams, with analysts wading through only a fraction of the data, inundated with false positives.

Joining the dots between adverse media and client records in real-time – Ripjar’s technology can scale to millions of clients, automatically curating relevant news articles from any source, using advanced machine learning to link risk topics such as fraud, bribery and other financial and predicate crimes to named entities. This automated approach to adverse media screening (AMS) means that financial institutions can scale to the size of the modern information environment, while reducing costs by as much as 70%.

Transaction Screening

Ensuring that global payments do not fund terrorist groups, rogue states or feed any element of the worldwide web of money laundering, requires systems built around real-time screening of transaction data. However, sanctions payment screening systems are often plagued with false positives, producing too many alerts with no value, while often missing critical information due to ambiguity in resolving entities.

Applying our market-leading entity resolution and name matching technology to screen against sanctions watchlists, Ripjar’s platform can be rapidly configured to ensure that named counterparties within payment data can be rapidly and accurately assessed for sanction-related risk with less false positives.

Watchlist Screening

Screening against watchlists are an integral part of the global KYC and AML risk assessment process. Sanctions, PEPs and internal lists all need to be checked both at on-boarding and periodically throughout the client lifecycle. Existing solutions based around manual checks and basic fuzzy matching often leave months between client reviews and can even miss critical information.

Ripjar’s unique watchlist screening technology automates the screening process from any watchlist data source, allowing financial crime teams to continuously scan for risk, alerting in real-time to accurate matches; saving time and costs. Our world-leading entity resolution technology works across dozens of global languages, local name variants, and abbreviations, reducing false positives and minimising risks.