Ripjar AI Masterclass:

Secrets to Effective Adverse Media Screening

02 May, 2024

09:00 ET | 14:00 BST

Join Ripjar and FINTRAIL for an AI masterclass on adverse media screening, covering everything from regulatory perspectives and industry best practice, to practical advice on implementing AI technology for effective screening, deployment considerations and selecting vendors.

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Adverse media searches in some form have always been expected by regulators. Data trends and an industry shift toward a risk-based approach for compliance have meant that screening for risks throughout multiple stages of the customer relationship requires a more comprehensive and forward-thinking strategy.

In this 90 minute masterclass, we’ll look at what firms need to consider when designing an effective and efficient adverse media approach. Through practical examples, we’ll discuss the core considerations for any firm seeking to enhance their risk management capabilities through robust adverse media screening. We will cover:

  • The what, why and when of adverse media, directly linked to regulatory guidance and a risk-based approach
  • The practicalities of designing adverse media controls – the sources, data inputs and what ‘good’ looks like 
  • The power of AI in adverse media screening – how the use of AI can supercharge your adverse media searches
  • What do you need to consider when deploying it – should you build or buy, and if you buy what are the key questions you should be asking your vendors?

Session Outline

2:00 pm

Introductions, housekeeping, learning objectives

  • Ciara Aitchison

2:05 pm
Session 1: Why adverse media screening?

In this opening session, discussion points will include:

  • What is adverse media screening and why it is important?
  • Regulatory perspectives of adverse media
  • Guidance and best practice from industry bodies
  • Adverse media and the risk-based approach

  • Ciara Aitchison

2:20 pm
Session 2: The devil is in the detail

This practical session will cover the detail of what firms need to be considering when building out adverse media screening. The aim is to provide buyers with the key considerations they should be aware of when designing this control framework. This will include:

  • How to define your risk based approach for adverse media screening and how it informs scope
  • Understanding which data sources to use and how to use them
  • What does “good” look like in name matching?
  • Integration of tech, data points, case management and workflows

  • Abhijith Rajan

    Operational Data Science LeadRipjar
2:45 pm
Session 3: The power of AI in adverse media screening

This session will explore the evolving use of AI in adverse media screening, including:

  • How adverse media screening has evolved from boolean searches and keyword matching to AI-led solutions
  • How AI can be used in adverse media screening to supercharge the process and outputs
  • Application of AI and the terms behind it
  • The use cases for AI and the benefits they can bring
  • Key principles of model governance

  • Joe Whitfield-Seed

    Chief Technology Officer Ripjar
3:00 pm
Session 4: Considerations for implementation

This session will hear from an industry expert on the key areas compliance managers need to consider when deploying an adverse media solution. This will include:

  • The questions you need to consider before you deploy an adverse media solution –  the who, what and when of adverse media screening.
  • What you need to think about for deployment and integration
  • How to build efficient processes for your teams

  • Neil Gummow

    Product Owner Adverse Media ScreeningUBS
  • Ciara Aitchison

3:20 pm
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