The Untapped Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence

Theresa May focused a large portion of her Davos speech around the advances that are currently being driven in technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence. Having the Prime Minister hold Ripjar up as an example of the many great British companies “pioneering the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence” is massively exciting for us. We are pushing the boundaries of how you can bring together these emerging technologies to further our ability to protect governments and global companies from the continual threat of criminal activities.

We particularly strive to find the balance of how humans and machines can work in harmony together. This ‘augmented analysis’ can lead to massive performance increases, enabling humans to be far more effective and productive at countering these criminal activities.

Our platform brings together four key principles to enable this to happen;

1. Automation & Orchestration – to scale manual process and save costs

2. Natural Language Processing – allowing true fusion of data

3. Artificial Intelligence – using it to prioritise what is important

4. Knowledge and Data Investigation/Exploration – Analyst tools to allow humans to drive knowledge from the data and collaborate on hard problems

These key principles form the base of so many answers to today’s problems; Security Operations Centres, Fraud and Money Laundering within banks across to other industries such as the health sector where better analysis can provide safer hospitals and best practice. It is tremendous that our Prime Minister is discussing these at such an important event, and actively debating how we best harness these technologies for the greater good. I look forward to the continuing debate and hope that Ripjar can play an active part.

Tom Griffin, CEO, Ripjar



Founded by former members of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and backed by UK global investment and data science company Winton, Ripjar develops software products that combine automation, artificial intelligence, and data visualisation to enable a new type of augmented analysis that can help tackle complex and new threats to society including money laundering, cybercrime and terrorism.

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