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AI Risk Profiles

Providing a holistic view of individual customer risk, from adverse media and PEPs to sanctions and watchlists.

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360° View of Risk

AI Risk Profiles assemble screening results into single 360° profile views for people and companies, identifying areas of relevant risk across adverse media, sanctions lists and watchlists and PEPs.

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Identifying Relevant Risk

Data from both structured and unstructured sources is reviewed to build individual profiles for people and organisations, with advanced natural language processing extracting the most relevant items necessary to give a clear and complete view of relevant risks as quickly as possible.

AI Summaries

AI Risk Profiles are available with AI Summaries, powered by generative AI. This optional, time-saving feature provides a concise, accurate summary of relevant adverse media risk, enabling you to make decisions faster and with confidence. Summaries provide a chronological overview of the risk, explained clearly and concisely, with links to all the sources.

Faster Decision-Making

AI Summaries provide accurate, chronological adverse media risk information, written in easy-to-digest prose. This makes it as efficient and effective as possible for analysts to review, giving a clear picture to aid fast, confident decision-making.

Laser Focus on the Risk

Finding relevant mentions of fincrime and related risks within vast quantities of adverse media data can be like finding a needle in a haystack. AI Risk Profiles already cut through the noise to identify the most relevant articles containing risk. AI Summaries then pinpoint this further, supplementing each profile with a clear, accurate summary of the adverse media risk for review.

GenAI You Can Trust

AI Summaries enable you to meet screening requirements efficiently, with a large language model which has been rigorously tested and validated to ensure the output correctly represents the risk identified in the original sources. By harnessing the power of generative AI and making it more productive by adding in clear constraints, AI Summaries help ensure nothing is missed and that analysts are provided with accurate risk information. AI Summaries also contain a list with links to all sources used, providing traceability to the original data.

Tackling the Big Screening Challenges

Risk screening brings a huge number of challenges for organisations. Customer data can be limited and problematic, while media data can be noisy and imprecise. Many screening methods generate a large number of false positives, struggle to achieve accuracy at scale, and put a significant time burden on analysts.


Reducing False Positives

80% of AI Risk Profiles contain secondary identifiers – such as dates of birth, nationalities, locations and roles – which is key to reducing false positives and achieving better recall. These additional properties are also used to enrich watchlists, improving the accuracy of sanctions and PEP screening. Testing has shown that AI Risk Profiles offer as much as a 91% reduction in false positives alongside a 5% improvement in recall.

Accurate Screening at Scale

By aggregating additional properties across millions of articles, AI Risk Profiles can assign identifiers to entities at a scale which is simply not possible in human-curated profiles, and at an accuracy not achievable with article-based risk evaluation.

Common and High Profile Names

AI-powered multi-lingual name matching and entity resolution are used to overcome screening challenges such as common or high profile names, helping ensure your organisation’s regulatory compliance by identifying risks other screening methods might miss.

Supporting Analysts

AI Risk Profiles have been designed with analysts in mind. With many compliance teams stretched thin and overburdened with time-consuming, repetitive tasks, our AI technology assists analysts with big data tasks, enabling analysts to use their time in a more effective, valuable way.

Faster Dispositioning

Faster Dispositioning

With many organisations limited on the time – and associated cost – they can spend on screening each client, AI Risk Profiles deliver targeted, relevant information to enable analysts to assess risk faster. AI Risk Profiles have been proven to reduce the time taken to disposition new customers by 79%.

Reducing the Burden

Reducing the Burden

AI Risk Profiles have been shown to reduce analyst workloads by 10x, reducing the admin burden and giving analysts more time to carry out the highly skilled elements of their roles which require human judgement.

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