Transform your adverse media screening

Continuous adverse media monitoring with category-defining entity resolution and AI natural language processing

Key partners and industry recognition
Industry Recognition

Data Agnostic

Choose the right media, watchlist, PEP and sanctions lists for your organisation, with the ability to segment customers against different data sets and combine data sets as required.

Real-time alerts

Reduce risk and improve efficiency by moving away from periodic reviews. Continuous monitoring provides you with the most up to date view of your customer’s risk, with alerts highlighting new adverse media as it emerges.

Fine-tune monitoring

Fine-tune your continuous customer monitoring against the right data assets to balance risk identification against noise, reducing false positives.

Focused summaries

Benefit from robust AI-generated risk profiles which automatically filter, prioritise and score watchlist, sanctions list, and media matches so you are only reviewing current, pertinent data.

Integration options

Use the intuitive screening user interface or embed functionality within your systems using Ripjar’s robust APIs.


High security

All of your client data is protected with intelligence-grade security.

Architecture flexibility

Labyrinth Screening can be deployed to your preferred architecture to meet the demands of the strictest data policies.

What our customers say

“We demonstrated a 13% improvement in recall and simultaneously a 91% reduction in false positives as measured by our model validation team on an unseen dataset.”

- Tier 1 Bank

“Testing showed the AI technology embedded in the system could reduce data-reporting errors by over 80%, when compared to third-party legacy systems.”

- Shell

“We found that the number of false positives had gone down in all regions by an average of 80% after go-live.”

- Tier 1 Bank

Improved risk identification

AI Risk Profiles help organisations with their regulatory compliance by identifying risks they might miss using other screening methods. Labyrinth Screening uses AI-powered multi-lingual name matching and entity resolution to overcome screening challenges such as common or high profile names.

Contextualised entity resolution

Labyrinth Screening offers global, multi-jurisdictional screening which adds additional context to profiles in a way not previously possible. In addition, the extraction of more secondary identifiers leads to richer data and better recall.

Optimise analyst efficiency

Intelligent classification pinpoints the most relevant articles to review in order to most accurately assess risk, reducing analyst workload and improving operational efficiency.

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