The information environment has never been as fractured and complex. Labyrinth is built to navigate this landscape fusing all data into one seamless analytical experience.


Manually intensive tasks consume huge quantities of time from highly skilled analysts. Labyrinth provides easy-to-use tools to automate, orchestrate and scale complex analytical tasks.


Today’s complex problems require a detailed, accurate and data-agnostic approach. Labyrinth’s array of investigation and visualisation tools give access to strategic, operational and tactical insights in any domain.


Scale your approach, reduce your costs.

Any data source, cloud, API or file can be integrated with Ripjar Labyrinth. Whether structured or unstructured, internal or external, data integrations can quickly federate searches across all sources without compromising security models.


Configurable Integration bots maximise the utility of existing data lakes, expansive data architectures and a myriad of point solutions. Scalable and adaptable integrations ensure solutions built on Labyrinth are ready for any future analytical challenge.

Processing and manipulating data in real time, analytic dataflows can be quickly built within Labyrinth to break down complex problems. Systematically joining the dots, analytics run continuously to highlight hidden patterns and threats within the data.


Integrating Ripjar’s proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, Analyse Bots can extract meaning and value from documents such as topics, locations, and identities.

Automate organisational best practices and expertise with scalable, repeatable dataflows. Orchestration Bots allow teams to reduce manual labour while improving productivity, ensuring critical processes never sleep.


Reducing the time to respond, orchestration allows organisations to provide continuous monitoring against a myriad of threats. Scaling efforts to the constantly changing global environment and threat landscape, while reducing costs through automation.



Infinitely configurable to any domain or problem, Dataflows give drag-and-drop orchestration of complex of analytical tasks.


Labyrinth brings a comprehensive suite of integrated tools and visualisations to drive detailed forensic analysis to join the dots and uncover hidden connections, relationships and trends.


Utilising the latest in deep-learning algorithms, Labyrinth’s in-built NLP enrichments can be used within Dataflows and Investigations to fully exploit any data, any time.



Security researchers face immense challenges on multiple fronts; a deluge of data, the increasing ambition and complexity of adversary techniques, and the pressures of incident response. Labyrinth reduces time to respond by automating complex analytical procedures and provides a single, fused and integrated investigation tier over all data sources.


Ripjar's Torch uses Labyrinth to deliver the next generation of AML/KYC/CTF solutions – automatically discovering threats from fraud, corruption and terrorist finance. Torch provides both real time due diligence across millions of client identities and a single, fused view for investigating complex fraud.


Understanding strategic threats is a critical element of national security planning and response. Using dashboards and automated reporting Labyrinth gives decision makers insights to enable strategic communications and full-spectrum responses.


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