Data Fusion

AI-enhanced data fusion, empowering analysts to monitor and investigate threats and deliver insight

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Trusted by Governments and Organisations

Labyrinth Intelligence is trusted globally by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, military and other government departments, for uses including:

  • 01 Counter terrorism investigations
  • 02Criminal intelligence analysis
  • 03Cyber threat intelligence
  • 04 Operational planning
  • 05 OSINT investigations
  • 06 Financial crime investigations

Powerful Data Fusion

Ripjar’s Labyrinth Intelligence product provides organisations with a data fusion capability and extensive analysis toolkit built on an open, flexible platform.

  • Advanced analytics

    Empower your analysts with world-leading AI-powered analytics, including advanced natural language processing for entity extraction and identity resolution.

  • Monitoring and investigations

    The platform features a suite of applications covering everything from monitoring to deep-dive investigations, including both tactical and strategic analysis.

  • Knowledge and insights

    Labyrinth Intelligence is designed with collaboration at its heart, enabling you to effectively record and share organisational knowledge.

  • Flexible deployment models

    Labyrinth Intelligence can be deployed in an on-premise model where it can be hosted on your hardware through to your private cloud. There is also the option to deploy in a Ripjar-hosted SaaS environment.


Greater efficiency and accuracy

The platform provides live monitoring and workflows for automating investigative steps, resulting in a 10x increase in analysis efficiency.

Reduce data silos

Many organisations and government departments struggle with siloed data analysis, including between high and low sides. Labyrinth Intelligence enables high and low side data fusion, supplemented by access to Ripjar’s vast hub of integrated and pre-processed external data.

Intelligence grade security

The platform’s embedded security model provides both role-based and attribute level security to meet your data source security requirements.

Evolve to meet changing requirements

Adaptable workflows enable Labyrinth Intelligence to evolve to meet new requirements and threats.

AI Powered Analytics

Labyrinth Intelligence contains a wide range of AI-based analytics, enabling analysts to increase efficiency through the automation of investigative steps, while reducing false positives.

The platform effectively detects and extracts entities and relationships from unstructured text. This includes people, organisations and locations, as well as their context and supplementary attributes such as birthdate, age and gender.

Natural language processing is used to classify risk topics. It also identifies the subject of the risk, enabling you to match specific risks to individual people and organisations.

Benefit from highly accurate entity resolution powered by industry-leading machine learning which handles millions of name variants in over 100 languages and over 20 different scripts.

All analytics can be configured and tuned to suit your requirements. Ripjar’s analytics cluster enables you to update, evolve and create your own specific analytics as your needs change.

From Strategic to
Tactical Analysis

Ripjar’s Labyrinth Intelligence product provides governments with a data fusion capability and extensive analysis toolkit built on an open, flexible platform.

  • Live monitoring

    Monitor items or topics of interest across the fused selection of data sources, with high risk items sent to the Analyst Inbox for assessment.

  • Tactical analysis

    Labyrinth Intelligence enables you to undertake tactical analysis focusing on people, organisations and items of interest.

  • Strategic analysis

    Strategic analysis allows you to analyse trends and patterns for forecasting, with a range of visualisations including networks, maps, timelines and word clouds.

  • Workflows

    Additional data analysis capability can be built into Labyrinth Intelligence to suit your needs. This includes new data sources, new analytics, automating investigative steps, new UI features, and wider tooling integrations.

Knowledge and Insights for Collaboration

Labyrinth Intelligence is designed to aid collaboration and reporting, making it easier for you to deliver valuable knowledge and insight.

Develop knowledge

Develop a vetted graph of your organisation’s knowledge, with full lineage back to the underlying investigative data. Labyrinth Intelligence enables you to easily collaborate and share this knowledge across departments.

Detailed insights

Create reports sectioned with embedded security tear lines, which provide full traceability back to the analysis.

Labyrinth Intelligence

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