Compliance Copilot

Meet the latest addition to your compliance toolkit

Compliance Copilot supports analysts with handling alerts and assessments, providing fast, unbiased decisions and recommendations. Assign tasks to your Copilot, and this powerful AI compliance bot will get straight to work.

Your automated first line of defence

Support with alerts and assessments

Say goodbye to overwhelming alerts. Compliance Copilot can efficiently triage alerts for your team, automatically assessing and closing irrelevant ones, and flagging those requiring your attention. It can also help you with assessing evidence, and identity validation to improve screening accuracy.

Boost your screening capability

Compliance Copilot enables you to screen even more data by taking on the extra workload of assessing alerts and filtering out false positives. This means you can simultaneously improve recall, increase screening efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of missing relevant risks.

Ripjar’s industry-leading AI Risk Profiles and AI Summaries already pull risk data into individual profiles and risk summaries for fast review. Now, new Compliance Copilot works alongside these features to help your compliance team assess the identified risks even more efficiently.

The power is in your hands

Magfified view of an alert processed by Copilot
Compliance Copilot automatically assesses alerts, closing irrelevant ones and escalating risky ones for human review

Putting you in control

You can choose when and how to use Compliance Copilot. Create segments and set risk parameters within the policy manager, then simply pick which ones you’d like Compliance Copilot to help with. Alternatively, assign individual alerts or assessments directly to your Copilot.

Change your approach to screening

By adding to your compliance toolkit, Compliance Copilot brings a multitude of new possibilities. You could efficiently screen even more data, enhance your watchlist screening with adverse media checks, or carry out additional screening on lower risk segments. All without needing additional resource.

A tool you can trust

Compliance Copilot provides clear evidence for its decision-making, providing a complete audit trail

The latest AI technology

Compliance Copilot uses the best of existing machine learning and AI technology, and enhances it with GenAI, powered by Ripjar’s dedicated large language model, RiskGPT. This has been developed specifically to help with screening, and has been extensively tested and validated for this purpose.

Transparent decision-making

There are no mysteries here. Compliance Copilot makes recommendations and decisions based on the parameters you set, and works with complete transparency. It provides a full audit trail which clearly shows its reasoning, making it quick and easy for analysts to review.

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