AML Compliance

AI-based customer screening and monitoring for anti-money laundering compliance

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Achieving AML compliance
with Labyrinth Screening

Ripjar’s Labyrinth Screening product enables you to understand customer and counterparty AML risk by screening new and potential customers, vendors and supply chain against watchlists, PEP lists, sanctions lists and news media.

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Advanced machine learning

Industry-leading machine learning handles structured and unstructured data in 20+ languages and texts, with highly accurate entity resolution.
Number 2

Ripjar AI Risk Profiles

Information is pulled together into game-changing AI Risk Profiles, providing you with a clear, holistic view of each customer’s risk, continuously updated in real-time.
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Intelligence-grade security

Intelligence-grade security and flexible deployment means your data is safe and accessible in a way to suit you.
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Ongoing compliance

Use for customer onboarding and continuous monitoring to support your ongoing AML compliance.

Sanctions Screening

Staying on top of your sanctions screening is particularly important in a fast-changing risk environment, so Labyrinth Screening makes it easy to ensure you’re always aware of the latest sanctions affecting your customers.

Labyrinth Screening supports your AML compliance by screening against a number of lists such as the UK sanctions list, EU sanctions list, US OFAC sanctions list, and AUSTRAC list.
Real-time monitoring enables you to quickly identify any new sanctions affecting your existing or potential customers.
With the risk of significant fines for organisations failing to comply with sanctions requirements, Labyrinth Screening can ensure you adhere to the latest sanctions and are alerted to any sanctions updates affecting your customers.

Politically Exposed Persons

Anti-money laundering regulations around the world require screening for politically exposed persons (PEPs) because of the increased criminal risk that they present.

Ensure you comply with different global PEP screening regulations with the ability to screen for foreign, domestic and international PEPs.
Information is pulled together into game-changing risk profiles, providing you with a clear, holistic view of each customer's risk, continuously updated in real-time.
Benefit from robust AI-generated risk profiles which automatically filter, prioritise and score watchlist, sanctions list, and media matches so you are only reviewing current, pertinent data.


As well as sanctions lists, it is essential to screen against a wide range of watchlists to identify any further people or organisations which may be associated with additional financial risk.

Labyrinth Screening provides screening against a vast number of watchlists, such as the FATF's greylist and blacklist.
Select which specific watchlists your business wants to screen against, with the ability to screen against all the options or pick just the ones which are relevant to your requirements.

Adverse Media

Adverse media screening is increasingly becoming a critical component of AML processes and having an effective system in place is vital. For example, the EU's 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) mandates systematic checking against adverse media - specifically to detect the 22 predicate offences which often precede money laundering.

Market-leading adverse media screening

Labyrinth Screening’s multi-lingual machine learning and unique entity resolution provide you with effective, accurate negative news screening to identify financial risk.

Learn more about our Adverse Media Screening solution here.

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