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Countering Terrorism, Financial Crime, Cyber Crime; the mission is dynamic and global, so we must be too.

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Our data intelligence technology is designed to work as a platform, adaptable into the next mission- orientated solution whenever the need arises. At the heart of this platform is our worldwide network of partners. Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Data Providers, Ecosystem Partners, and other Professional Services. These partners work both directly and indirectly with clients to adapt our Labyrinth platform to suit any customer need; or to integrate new data sources; and build complete intelligence solutions that can be quickly adapted when adversary behaviour changes.


Accenture and Ripjar help financial institutions transform their financial crime capabilities and replace multiple detection tools and processes with one integrated tool to scale their compliance function into an efficient and cost-effective force for fighting financial crime.”

Adam Markson Managing Director - Accenture Financial Services, Finance & Risk

Ripjar’s advanced screening technology is enabling us to drive maximum value from Dow Jones’ trusted, high quality content and risk data. By partnering with Ripjar, we are able to provide financial institutions with one of the most powerful and precise adverse media solutions on the market.”

Guy Harrison General Manager Risk & Compliance

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Ripjar’s Labyrinth platform has been built specifically to empower developers and software engineers to integrate on-premise data sources, add new analytics and data visualisations, as well as customise and tailor workflows to differing organisational needs.

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