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Next Generation
Risk Screening

Real-time detection of financial crime for global institutions.

Transform Your Risk Screening

Automate and improve your adverse media and watchlist screening programme with our unique technology.

  • 50-80%
    Reduction in false positives

  • 100%
    accuracy improvements
    for watchlist lookups

  • 100%
    recall improvements
    for watchlist search

*Average figures dependant on existing deployed legacy solution

The Hidden Costs of Legacy Approaches



Too many False Positives

Legacy solutions rely on outdated techniques such as 'fuzzy' search for matching entities against structured & unstructured data.



Too resource intensive

Analysts are drowning in data and alerts; ad-hoc risk assessments require manual effort to sort through the noise.



Data in different places

Exisiting systems do not consolidate a single client view on risk, creating inconsistencies in the risk management framework.



Lack of continuous monitoring

Search-based approeaches may mean months may go by between reviews, even when new data enters the system.

Our Solution

Screening clients in real time against
Adverse Media and Watchlists

  • 50-80% Reduction
    in false positives compared to legacy solutions
  • 100% improvement
    in recall and accuracy for watchlist screening
  • 94% improvement
    over primitive "fuzzy matching" technology
  • 50% of client searches
    return more data analysts can ever read, 30% of searches return no results at all

Our platform

Labyrinth provides seamless automation and fusion over any data source

Global Illumination of Risk - alert on new, relevant data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Real Time Entity Resolution - a global knowledge graph which more accurately identifies entities using contextual data such as dates or locations.

Unique Data-Driven Matching Engine - AI trained on billions of names gives unprecedented accuracy in watchlist and adverse media monitoring.

NLP-based classification of News with unmatched deduplication and filtering - 99% reduction in noise and irrelevant content.

Improve efficiency

Intuitive Design and configurable workflows make analysis more efficient.

Clean, Beautiful UI
Average alert closure time can be reduced by 75%.

Explainable "Glass Box" Analytics All data, machine reasoning and process automation is available for audit and accountability.

Smart Grouping
Reduce time to assess alerts with built in smart grouping of similar data or news items.

Advanced Risk Identification
Ensures entities in reporting are related to material risk.

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