Defence & Intelligence

Ripjar’s Strategic Intelligence platform allows defence and security organisations to fuse and analyse a truly global data landscape to pursue or track risks and threats to security; discovering new behaviours using advanced AI driven analytics and next generation visualisations.

Client Intelligence

Client due diligence processes are severely impacted the scale of the global news and modern information environment, and limitations of traditional KYC / AML technologies which produce too many false positives and disparate workflows. Ripjar’s next-generation Client Intelligence solution enables continual monitoring of millions of clients supporting KYC and AML regulations across all data; sanctions lists, adverse news and the internet.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence can come from many locations, sources and feeds. But of the hundreds of threats, vulnerabilities and compromises reported daily, only a handful are relevant to your Security Operations environment. Ripjar’s Cyber Intelligence solution fuses across all data, and provides powerful investigation tools for situational awareness, incident response and knowledge sharing.

Customer Intelligence

Listening and acting on customer feedback important part of the financial and business landscape. Listening and prioritising that feedback requires specialised machine-learning to understand, categorise and sort that feedback for compliance or regulatory purposes. Our API streams customer feedback, complaints, and reviews to our platform, and integrates with your social interactions and media mentions, providing a powerful capability for managing your reputation and brand.