Defence & Intelligence

Fuse all of your internal data sources together for a coherent, interactive analysis experience. Glide through billions of items, allowing you to focus your investigations on the data that matters.

Risk & Compliance

In a world driven by social interactions, the inherent risk that an organisation holds with their employees is growing. Ripjar bring together all the signals from within an organisation; emails, IM, social, card swipes and web browsing to allow organisations to understand and highlight compliance issues.

Legal Intelligence

The litigation process is complex and often backed by vast quantities of unstructured data. The Ripjar platform allows you to bring these sources together and combined with the automatic extraction of relationships and key entities enables analysts to collaboratively compile your case.

Reputation Management

With the prevalence of social media, reputation management has never been so important. Our Software as a Service application alerts you to potential crises, and enables you to understand and monitor organisational threats.

Cyber Security

The cyber security threat is growing, but so are the number of point solutions and potential data feeds. Ripjar brings together these alerts and signals and allows you to set up a comprehensive single view of the threats to your business.

Customer Intelligence

Our API provides a mechanism for you to stream customer feedback, complaints, and reviews to our platform to sit next to your social interactions. Exploit the platform to understand the features that customers love and hate.