Locked away within the vast volume of online data are the voices of consumers, the strategies of competitors and the channels to reach influencers

Brand Intelligence

We can help you understand your brand’s external perception, the topics that provoke conversation, your advocates and detractors.

Crisis Management

In the blink of an eye your world can be turned upside down. We can help you identify the threats and alert you when action needs to be taken.

Market Insight

The world is full of conversations that give extraordinary access to public perception. We expose these insights through unrivalled visual analytics.

Unlock your Data

Ripjar gives you measurable statistics for you to track, measure and ultimately affect.

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Ripjar can analyse over 160 languages so you measure the global reach or regional reach of your brand.


The analytic capability of the Ripjar platform gives you extraordinary depth of analysis, including influence, brand affinity, impact, sentiment and demographic insights.


Ripjar give you statistics which you can use to benchmark as you track measure and interpret the online landscape.

Understand your customers

Identify your brand’s advocates.

Track your product launches.

Understand your strengths & weaknesses

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Social Media has no boundaries, and nor does our coverage

Ripjar automatically spots and analyses over 160 languages, allowing you to measure the true global reach of your brand

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