Data volumes are increasing at an astonishing rate, the signals are confusing and complex

Hidden in the noise are your customers, competitors, emerging threats and opportunities


We listen to thousands of sources to ensure that we bring you the most relevant data


We apply state of the art analytics to help highlight and identify valuable insights


Our stunning visualisations highlight the data that will allow you to act in realtime

We bring clarity and sense to a complex world

Market Research

The world is full of conversations that give extraordinary access to public perception. Our toolset exposes these insights through unrivalled visual analytics.

Crisis Management

In the blink of an eye your world can be turned upside down. Our software brings you the ultimate view of realtime events, allowing you to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Brand Intelligence

Manage your brand’s external perception, understand the topics that provoke conversation. Spot emerging trends, new business opportunities.

From realtime crisis management through to customer analysis

we have the right software to bring you the insights that your business deserves.

Exploratory Platform

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Realtime Dashboards

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Command Centre

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We listen and analyse data from over 50,000 sources

across Social Media, Blogs, News feeds and Internet Pages

Data Sources