Ripjar have created a pioneering analytical platform for exploring, interacting and visualising data in realtime.


Ripjar analyses over 160 languages across 1000’s of data sources, fuse this information with your own data sources for a truly holistic view on the data that is relevant for your business.


The analytic capability of the Ripjar platform uses an ensemble of dynamic Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning techniques to provide unrivalled insights


Ripjar gives you measurable outcomes linked to your own business processes, ensuring that you uncover the value in your data.

Unlock your Data

Ripjar allows you to visualise your data to measure, change and affect business outcomes.

Flexible Platform

Ripjar has been designed from the ground up as a flexible data intelligence platform, configurable data pathways enable the platform to be tuned for your business problem whether that is Brand Intelligence, Insider Threat, Fraud Analysis or Cyber Security.

Advanced Analytics

The analytic capability of the Ripjar platform is unrivalled, we bring together Natural Language Processing techniques with Machine Learning to ensure that you maximise the value from both unstructured and structured data sources.

Extract value from your data

Fuse multiple data sources together

Analyse the Who, What, Where & When

Enrich data with both internal and external data

Data has no boundaries, and nor does our coverage

Ripjar automatically spots and analyses over 160 languages, whether it is bringing together information across your global footprint or listening to what the world is saying about you we have it covered.

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