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15th October 2019

Data Pilots Needed! (Enquire Within)

Ripjar’s diverse mission in data intelligence means we are often at the forefront of both technology and criminal enterprise. Deploying AI-based solutions within a bank can help financial institutions detect much more rapidly the presence of money laundering or terrorist financing. Similarly, government agencies and large security operations teams who are faced with a deluge of cyber attacks every day, now use Ripjar technology to make sense of that all their data, fusing and joining the dots between infrastructure, behaviour and adversary.

But there’s still so much more we want to build; we need your help to stay one step ahead of the relentless innovation of advanced global criminal networks.

This week at the Equal Engineering careers fair in Bristol, we launched two limited edition metallic-print posters, featuring two of our favourite hero bots, from Ripjar’s array of technological capability. While other companies may glorify adversaries, or present an homogenised view of automation and “AI” – we prefer to call out to our army of specialised autonomous processes that can help risk and security teams scale-up and tackle the breadth of the modern data landscape.

So, if you’re someone with a passion for solving hard problems in machine learning, data analytics, software engineering and working directly with global companies developing our technology, then we want to hear from you. Especially if you are an aspiring:

Data Engineer
Forward Deployed Data Engineer
Forward Deployed Software Engineer
Front End Developer
Full Stack Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer / Data Scientists

You can stay up to date with our latest job openings on our careers site, and follow our announcements and company progress on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Time to suit up, pilots.

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