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8th March 2019

Celebrating Diversity on International Women’s Day

Ripjar was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide corporates and global institutions with the most advanced data and analytics solutions in the fight against cybercrime, money laundering, and terrorism. This important mission requires a truly diverse array of skills from software engineering, data science, business support, relationship management and the analysis and synthesis of new information to detect unknown threats.

Despite this critical need for diversity in thinking and in life experiences to accomplish our task, until 2015 there were no women in our business. Now as we head into 2019, 19% of our workforce are women working across all aspects of our company from business operations, finance, technology and sales; we feel we’re truly moving in the right direction, but there’s so much more we need to do to create a balanced workforce.

One of our biggest challenges is not only attracting women into technology roles but making sure we keep them.  We are working hard to stand out as an employer and ensure we create a diverse people-centred culture.  To ensure we’re on the right track we have in place well-being initiatives, enhanced maternity and paternity leave and flexible working practices.

So Ripjar is celebrating International Women’s Day with its theme for 2019 – #BalanceforBetter. Creating a gender-balanced world is essential for businesses to thrive, and essential for security and intelligence companies and agencies to tackle the evolving risks that threaten companies, institutions and even the security of our nation. We’re committing to improving balance in every aspect of our operations as we look to the remainder of 2019 and beyond.

Successful careers, bringing up children, fulfilled family lives and, happiness are not mutually exclusive.  With the right balance and support, anything is possible.

Kate, Financial Controller

Balance for better is about recognising everyone has valuable skills and qualities regardless of gender, giving everyone a voice leads to a stable and successful workplace and ultimately a better world.

Simon, Technical Delivery Manager

It’s about having that balance between prioritising work and family life, keeping our minds open to different views and perspectives.

Maria, Business Support Director

Being able to balance challenging opportunities at work with ensuring I always have time for the people I care about.

Sandra, Full Stack Engineer/Tech lead

One of the ways I like to balance my life is to dedicate time to focus on ME. I make sure I keep fit, enjoy downtime and ensure I take time to appreciate all those things that help keep me in balance.

Ben, Full Stack Engineer/Tech lead

Founded by former members of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Ripjar develops software products that combine automation, artificial intelligence, and data visualisation to help companies solve the most complex risk and security management problems at scale.

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