Risk screening and threat investigation for the oil and gas industry

From screening your supply chain, to identifying physical and cyber threats, Ripjar has solutions for multiple challenges facing your business.

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Industry Recognition

When it comes to risk, the oil and gas industry faces threats from all angles. Whether you’re dealing with financial, ESG or reputational risks in your supply chain, or threats against your systems or infrastructure from both inside and outside your business, there’s a lot to stay on top of.

Ripjar’s AI-powered Labyrinth platform can help you identify and act on risks and threats, fast. From using Labyrinth Screening to protect your brand and help you remain sanctions compliant, to using Labyrinth for Threat Investigations to tackle physical and cyber threats, there’s a Ripjar solution to help.

Stay sanctions compliant

With global sanctions constantly changing, staying compliant and avoiding fines is a big job. But it doesn’t have to be. Simply choose the sanctions and watchlists you want to screen against, plus any other areas of risk you want to check for, then let Labyrinth Screening do the hard work.

  • Screen against your custom choice of lists 
  • Improve accuracy with industry-leading identity matching
  • Be alerted to changes with continuous monitoring

Supply chain risk management

It’s not only important to screen customers, but also your partners and beyond. Labyrinth Screening can continuously monitor your entire supply chain and counterparties – including non-commercial organisations – streamlining onboarding processes and alerting you when things change. 

  • Capture more risk with native screening in 25+ languages

Mitigate reputational risk

In the oil and gas industry, reputational risk can cost you millions. Labyrinth Screening uses adverse media data to enhance your sanctions and watchlist screening, flagging links with organisations or individuals which may impact on your reputation or bring additional financial risk.

  • Tailor your screening with a suite of risk classifiers, including reputational risk
Labyrinth for Threat Investigations

Manage threats to individuals and systems

Leaked information can pose a huge threat to oil and gas companies. From kidnappings to cyberattacks, to terrorism and attacks on your infrastructure, protecting your people and business from harm is vital. Labyrinth for Threat Investigations helps you tackle the risk of both physical and cyber threats.

  • Quickly investigate threats by automatically building connections across multiple data sources
  • Respond to threats in real time, with a clear view of risk and potential impacts
  • Compatible with common standards such as STIX, TAXII and MITRE ATT&CK
What our customers say

"Shell is reinforcing its risk management capabilities across the supply chain. Together, we are taking a time-consuming, manual process and applying state-of-the-art automation with more insights into data, to not only improve accuracy, but also give management complete audit capabilities and accountability over the entire screening process."

- Adam Markson, Senior Managing Director & Lead for Risk and Compliance, Accenture

"Testing showed the AI technology embedded in the system could reduce data-reporting errors by over 80%, when compared to third-party legacy systems."

- Shell

"Labyrinth is a really great platform to do analytic work in. It also has much greater knowledge capability compared to other platforms and provides us with vital forecasting ability."

- Head of Threat Investigations, Fortune 500 Tech Company

"We have been impressed by Ripjar’s approach to complex challenges in counter-party monitoring and beyond, and are delighted to welcome Ripjar to the Chartis RiskTech100."

- Phil Mackenzie, Research Principal, Chartis

Sanctions and Watchlist Screening

Screen against multiple sanctions and watchlists, with industry-leading analytics to match names in multiple languages and scripts.

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Adverse Media Screening

Gain a more in-depth view of supply chain risk with continuous adverse media monitoring in 25+ languages.

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AI Risk Profiles

Review risk and make decisions faster with sanctions, watchlist, PEP and adverse media results combined into individual profiles.

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Labyrinth for Threat Investigations

Revolutionise your threat investigations with a suite of AI-powered tools designed for investigating both physical and cyber threats.

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