Fast customer screening for the casino and gaming industry

Don't gamble on your regulatory compliance. Identify criminals looking to exploit your business, and avoid fines with AI-powered customer screening.

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Industry Recognition

Any business operating in the gambling and gaming industry knows how tricky it can be to balance thorough, accurate screening with fast customer onboarding. With the high number of cash transactions making the industry particularly vulnerable to money laundering, the ever-present risk of fraud and fines from regulators can’t be ignored.

With global sanctions and AML regulations impacting both remote and non-remote casinos, Labyrinth Screening uses industry-leading machine learning and natural language processing to help you find even well-hidden risks, fast. And our AI Risk Profiles make it quick and easy for you to review.

Enhanced sanctions and PEP screening

Avoid risk and steer clear of fines with enhanced sanctions and PEP screening. With the gambling and gaming industry at particular risk from financial criminals such as money launderers, Labyrinth Screening will help you spot the bad guys and keep you safe from fines.

  • Screen against your custom choice of lists 
  • Improve accuracy with industry-leading identity matching
  • Be alerted to changes with continuous monitoring

Get to know customers, fast

Screening doesn’t have to slow you down. AI-powered Labyrinth Screening works at lightning speed to help you understand customer risk, accelerate player onboarding and provide a smooth process for both you and your customers. 

  • Reduce customer assessment time by 90% with AI Risk Profiles
  • Save time by assigning tasks to Compliance Copilot

Extra screening for high risk customers

For high rollers, junkets and other customers where you’d like extra peace of mind, your sanctions and PEP screening can be boosted with adverse media data to provide additional context and highlight any other financial crime risk you should know about. 

  • Tailor your risk parameters for different customer segments
  • Make decisions fast with AI Summaries of adverse media risk

Ditch dangerous screening processes

If you’re relying on manual internet searches for screening, you’re leaving your business open to fraud and huge fines from regulators. Instead, Ripjar’s AI-powered screening helps automate the process, saving you time and ensuring risk isn’t missed.

  • Established AI technology is combined with newer AI innovations to maximise results
  • Reduce false positives by 91%
  • Capture more risk with native screening in 25+ languages
What our customers say

"Ripjar leverages AI to power advanced risk assessment based on contextual data, executing at scale and in near real-time to support perpetual KYC and other critical use cases in risk and compliance."

- Neil Katkov, Director, Celent

"We have been impressed by Ripjar’s approach to complex challenges in counter-party monitoring and beyond, and are delighted to welcome Ripjar to the Chartis RiskTech100."

- Phil Mackenzie, Research Principal, Chartis

Sanctions and Watchlist Screening

Screen against multiple sanctions and watchlists, with industry-leading analytics to match names in multiple languages and scripts.

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PEP Screening

Screen politically exposed persons, their family members, and known close associates, to identify potential financial crime risk.

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Adverse Media Screening

Gain a more in-depth view of each customer’s risk with continuous adverse media monitoring in 25+ languages.

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AI Risk Profiles

Review risk and make decisions faster with sanctions, watchlist, PEP and adverse media results combined into individual profiles.

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