Powerful customer screening for banking and financial services

It’s time to supercharge your screening. Meet your regulatory obligations and protect your organisation with Ripjar’s AI-powered Labyrinth Screening.

Key partners and industry recognition
Industry Recognition

With fast-moving international sanctions and PEP lists to keep up with, alongside vast customer bases, banks and financial services can’t afford to drop the ball on customer screening. And let’s not forget the huge fines for non-compliance.

Whether you’ve outgrown your current screening system, want to improve your adverse media and sanctions screening, or just require sharper analytics, Ripjar’s industry-leading Labyrinth Screening can help. Save time and money with our advanced AI technology that’s trusted by Tier 1 and 2 banks worldwide.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Adverse media screening is increasingly being expected by regulators. Labyrinth Screening enhances sanctions and watchlist screening with adverse media data, providing additional context and helping you spot potential risks sooner. All in one easy-to-use system.

  • Improve accuracy with industry-leading identity matching
  • Get a clearer picture with AI Summaries of adverse media risk

Screen high data volumes

With huge numbers of customers and payments to process, speedy screening at scale is vital to keep your operation running smoothly. Labyrinth Screening’s continuous monitoring removes the need for resource-heavy periodic reviews. Instead, you get alerted as soon as a new risk emerges.

  • Screen vast amounts of data with a scalable platform
  • Be alerted to changes with continuous monitoring

Do more with less

Squeezed budgets and stretched resources shouldn’t stop effective screening. Our Compliance Copilot can automate the screening of any segments you choose, helping you screen even more customers. At the same time, our AI Risk Profiles and AI Summaries make your screening even more efficient.

  • Reduce customer assessment time by 90% with AI Risk Profiles
  • Save time by assigning tasks to Compliance Copilot

Multi-territory screening

Screening in a complex global organisation doesn’t have to be a headache, with our advanced data security options. Store, access and screen data separately in different locations, while maintaining central control. Plus, meet different locations’ regulatory requirements by screening against regional lists, all in the native language.

  • Meet the strictest requirements with industry-leading data security
  • Screen against different lists for different geographic locations
  • Capture more risk with native screening in 25+ languages
What our customers say

“Ripjar has a pedigree in supporting European financial institutions, as well as those that run operations across the globe. This made them the perfect fit to support the requirements of VP Bank.”

- Markus Reinacher, Head Group Compliance & Operational Risk, VP Bank Group

“We demonstrated a 13% improvement in recall and simultaneously a 91% reduction in false positives as measured by our model validation team on an unseen dataset.”

- Tier 1 Bank

“Ripjar’s top 20 placement and award wins in Chartis’ inaugural FCC50 reflect its leading-edge innovation and collaboration.”

- Nick Vitchev, Research Director, Chartis

“We found that the number of false positives had gone down in all regions by an average of 80% after go-live.”

- Tier 1 Bank

Sanctions and Watchlist Screening

Screen against multiple sanctions and watchlists, with industry-leading analytics to match names in multiple languages and scripts.

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PEP Screening

Screen politically exposed persons, their family members, and known close associates, to identify potential financial crime risk.

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Adverse Media Screening

Gain a more in-depth view of each customer’s risk with continuous adverse media monitoring in 25+ languages.

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AI Risk Profiles

Review risk and make decisions faster with sanctions, watchlist, PEP and adverse media results combined into individual profiles.

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