Beyond Fuzzy Matching: The Future of Name Screening

Innovation Series Webinar

14 Aug, 2024

15:00 BSTZoom

Join Ripjar’s Operational Data Science Lead, Abhijith Rajan, as he digs deeper into Ripar’s industry-leading approach to name matching, and discover why relying only on traditional fuzzy matching techniques isn’t enough.

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In this innovation series webinar, learn more about Ripjar’s unique approach to name matching, including:

  • The challenges associated with name matching
    Discover how different languages, scripts, spellings and name formats impact the accuracy of name matching
  • Ripjar’s industry-leading name variants approach
    Explore how Ripjar’s unique approach to name variants differs to standard fuzzy matching techniques
  • Compare different name matching methods
    Find out how name matching accuracy varies between different commonly-used matching techniques