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Defence & Security

Producing timely intelligence to support national security, defence and law enforcement agencies is critical to tackle the complex and multi-national criminal and terrorist networks that we face today.

Fusing data from any intelligence source including evidential metadata, imagery, forensics and unstructured reporting gives analysts the ability to piece together evidence and insights to solve strategic challenges in areas such as law enforcement, cyber security, counter terrorism, counter espionage and counter proliferation. Reducing the time taken to fuse data from multiple sources and increasing the ability for analysts to spot hidden connections between adversaries intent on hiding their plans, intentions and goals is paramount for our collective security.

Ripjar’s Labyrinth platform has been developed from decades of expertise working in national security. It gives intelligence professionals the ability to work across silos of data, integrating seamlessly and securely into local data stores, APIs, reporting databases, mapping servers, and other intelligence feeds – Ripjar’s platform provides unparalleled investigation and response capabilities for a defence, intelligence and law enforcement personal to do their job effectively and efficiently.

  1. Eliminate 'Swivel Chair' analytics with total data and intelligence fusion
  2. Rapidly innovate and scale new tradecraft with configurable workflows
  3. Build strategic knowledge on targets and collaborate across agencies

Ripjar’s data intelligence platform seamlessly blends internal and external data sources to give government and military agencies a secure and scalable solution for their intelligence needs. Deployed on-premise to within classified or protected data centres, our technology supports full access control and accountability, with attribute-level security for configuration with all policy and classification handling policies and procedures.

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