Ripjar solutions:

Cyber Security

Making effective use of threat intelligence can mean the difference between sustained protection and damaging data breach. Ripjar’s data intelligence platform has been built to investigate, respond and share critical insights on cyber threats from any data source.

Data from a myriad of hosts and end-point solutions, firewalls, SIEMs, threat feeds, information sharing groups, reports and even blogs all may contribute to the understanding of risk, but can overwhelm scarce security resources when producing threat intelligence to protect and safeguard critical networks.

Building on top of Ripjar’s Labyrinth platform – threat intelligence production teams can break down silos of data; giving security professionals the tools they need to synthesise, interpret, understand and respond to ever-evolving threats. Integrating seamlessly into on-site data stores, third party applications and threat intelligence feeds, Ripjar’s platform provides unparalleled investigation and response capabilities within global scale SOCs or threat intelligence production.


Reduce time to produce threat intelligence from any data source


Orchestrate security analysis workflows


Build strategic knowledge and collaborate across the enterprise

Ripjar’s data intelligence platform seamlessly blends internal and external data sources to give government agencies, MSSPs, and SOCs total awareness of their cyber domain. Deployed on-premise to any secure data centre, our technology supports full access control and accountability, with attribute-level security for even the toughest policy and classification handling policies and procedures.