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Ripjar solutions:

Cyber Security

Making effective use of threat intelligence can mean the difference between sustain protection and damaging data breach. Ripjar's data intelligence platform has been built to investigate, respond and share critical insights on cyber threats from any data source.

Understanding risk from the growing number of third parties in your supply chain or business relationships relies on continuous due dilligence in ever-increasingly diverse datasets - companies are not keeping up with the challenge.

Ripjar's platform - Labyrinth - presents a unique solution to counter-party and supply chain risk. Continually monitoring the entire portfolio of entities within your supply chain in real time, uncovering hidden connections and red flags that over-stretched teams of analysts may overlook, ensuring your decision making always has a full picture of all the available intelligence.

  1. Reduce Time to discover new hidden threats to your business
  2. Labyrinth alerts in real-time using advanced machine learning
  3. Ensure complete coverage of your entire supply chain - entities are automatically and continually updated
  4. Easily understand the context of risks to enhance your strategic decision-making

Powering this solution, Ripjar's Labyrinth platform seamlessly blends internal and external data sources to give your intelligence team the insights they need.

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