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18th July 2023

Ripjar Announces Launch of Labyrinth for Threat Investigations Solution

The capability will offer a new method of viewing the threat landscape across various security vectors

LONDON, 17 July 2023: Ripjar, the trusted provider for identifying and tackling criminal and malicious activity, has today announced the launch of Labyrinth for Threat Investigations (LTI). As a new solution on the Labyrinth platform, LTI is an investigations capability which allows a single view of risk across multiple threat vectors, including cyber security.

Medium and large enterprises are now able to use LTI to consolidate a single view of risk, enabling monitoring of multiple threats in one solution. From an implementation perspective, LTI is an open solution which can sit in an organisation’s wider ecosystem of products and tools, whilst providing the ability to expand sources, write new applications, customise analytics and automate investigative processes to meet changing requirements. 

The solution has been designed and built to empower a number of user roles – its advanced analytics capabilities supports experienced threat hunters, while analysts and investigators responding to incidents can use powerful workflows to quickly triage and action new threat alerts. Labyrinth for Threat Investigations provides the flexibility required by modern security professionals to manage a complex and ever-evolving threat landscape.

Jeremy Annis, CEO and co-founder of Ripjar, said: “The launch of Labyrinth for Threat Investigations is proof of our ongoing commitment to the threat detection and prevention industry, developing an accessible and flexible solution that can be implemented across medium to large businesses. I’m looking forward to seeing LTI running at the very heart of our customers’ security operations as they realise the benefit that such a flexible solution can bring. With LTI, enterprises can streamline their risk management efforts and navigate the ever-evolving, ever-changing threat landscape with confidence and efficiency.”

Tom Garnett, General Manager of Labyrinth Intelligence, said: “We are excited to announce the launch of Labyrinth for Threat Investigations. This cutting-edge solution, developed on the Labyrinth platform, represents a significant milestone in our product and solution development against criminal activity. From an implementation perspective, we are delighted to be able to provide a flexible, effective, and accessible solution, allowing businesses to see their wider threat vectors from a single viewpoint.” 

About Ripjar

Ripjar is a data intelligence platform company whose mission is to help organisations and governments automate the detection, investigation, and monitoring of threats from criminal activity. Founded by former members of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Ripjar develops software products that combine automation, artificial intelligence, and data visualisation to help companies solve the most complex risk and security management problems at scale.

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