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31st May 2023

Ripjar Announces Integration With Amazon Security Lake

Ripjar’s Labyrinth for Threat Investigations software is now available on AWS to aid cybersecurity detection efforts

LONDON, 31 May 2023: Ripjar, the trusted provider for identifying and tackling criminal and malicious activity, has today announced it is expanding its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS), launching the integration of Ripjar’s Labyrinth for Threat Investigations (LTI) solution with Amazon Security Lake.

Amazon Security Lake is a service that automatically centralises an organisation’s security data from across their AWS environments, leading SaaS providers, on-premises, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake. This enables customers to act on security data faster and simplify security data management across hybrid and multicloud environments. Amazon Security Lake converts and conforms incoming security data to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), an open community schema, making it easier for security teams to automatically collect, combine, and analyse security data from AWS, security partners, and analytics providers.

Labyrinth for Threat Investigations (LTI) is an investigative platform designed to support analysts using automation and machine learning. Supported use cases include cyber response, threat hunting, and cyber threat intelligence. Users can bring together hundreds of data sources, combining real-time and batch structured and unstructured data to fully understand and manage cyber and other threats, updating organisational knowledge and generating collaborative reporting. LTI gives the end customer total flexibility to evolve the solution and add automation and AI analytics to their investigations. To capitalise on internal data, LTI is fully integrated with Amazon Security Lake, and can fuse with external information to meet the end users’ evolving requirements.

Tom Garnett, General Manager of Labyrinth Intelligence at Ripjar said: “The integration with Amazon Security Lake marks Ripjar’s further commitment to the cybersecurity market. Our Labyrinth for Threat Investigations solution delivers a holistic view of risk. The product is highly-configurable, providing the end customer the power to fully evolve the solution when needed. Ripjar is delighted to be working with AWS and is looking forward to continuing helping customers to proactively identify and combat risk.”

About Ripjar

Ripjar is a data intelligence platform company whose mission is to help organisations and governments automate the detection, investigation, and monitoring of threats from criminal activity. Founded by former members of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Ripjar develops software products that combine automation, artificial intelligence, and data visualisation to help companies solve the most complex risk and security management problems at scale.

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