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Blog > Ripjar and Kharon Partner to Fight Financial Crime, Protect Clients Against Reputational Risk


Ripjar and Kharon Partner to Fight Financial Crime, Protect Clients Against Reputational Risk

London, 19 October 2021 – Ripjar, a leader in name and media screening, today announces its partnership with Kharon, a leading provider of research and data analytics covering global security threats that impact commerce and finance, to provide clients with access to Kharon’s advanced risk data and analytics. 

As companies engage with various counterparties such as customers or vendors, it is essential that they understand the risk associated with doing business with those entities. In some cases, counterparties may not appear on watchlists or sanctions lists, but may present hidden risk exposure through ownership, control or other commercial ties to sanctioned or trade restricted actors or jurisdictions. This hidden risk can be difficult to uncover, including through multilayered cross border ownership structures, sister companies, procurement agents, or complex trade relationships. New government regulations and an increasing focus on supply chain security and resiliency also create risk across complex global vendor and commercial networks.

Kharon’s enhanced data analytics will provide a critical added layer of security for Ripjar’s clients through curated datasets designed for screening against financial crimes and other legal and reputational risks, covering thousands of entities registered in jurisdictions across the globe. Kharon conducts complex, multilingual investigations into entities and threats covered by sanctions lists and export controls, including state-owned enterprises in sanctioned jurisdictions. Kharon data identifies these latent threats and informs opportunities for mitigation.

Jeremy Annis, CEO at Ripjar, commented, “Our clients look to Ripjar to clearly and unambiguously identify counterparty risk. Ripjar’s Labyrinth Screening platform represents the state-of-the-art in entity resolution and name matching. With the addition of Kharon’s unique data, we can enable clients to identify a range of risks that might otherwise prove invisible. We look forward to working with Kharon to set the benchmark for name and media screening.”

Matt Epstein, CEO at Kharon, commented, “Kharon enhances the core risk management functions of global compliance operations. Kharon’s data enables clients to quickly identify and understand material relationships between their customers, supply chains, or end users, and actors that are sanctioned or impacted by other trade or investment restrictions. We are delighted to begin working with Ripjar, a company who shares our goal of supporting the risk control framework, to make our data available within their platform.”

About Ripjar

Ripjar builds software that helps global institutions automate the monitoring and investigation of illicit activities –making the world more secure and prosperous by empowering organisations to prevent crime. Our data intelligence platform, Labyrinth, combines automation, AI and data visualisation to help leading financial institutions, governments and corporates analyse and mitigate threats in real-time. Threats transcend borders so our software enables our customers to scale to meet the evolving complexity of the risk landscape, finding patterns from international and unstructured data in over 60 languages. Ripjar was founded by experienced technologists from Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and is headquartered in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. Security is at the heart of everything we do. Learn more at

About Kharon

Kharon is a leading provider of research and data analytics covering global security threats that impact commerce and finance. Our clients include first-tier international financial institutions, corporates, and public sector entities. Kharon empowers organizations and practitioners that tackle complex risk management for financial crimes, sanctions, and export controls, as well as business and reputational risk. Kharon data can be accessed through our web-based search portal to support due diligence investigations and through extracts that integrate with all major screening and analytic platforms.

For more information or to join the Kharon team, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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