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Sanctions screening at scale

Don’t let your current system hold you back. Boost your name screening ability with a solution designed to handle large and complex data volumes with ease. Whether you’re screening large numbers of names, or screening against multiple lists and datasets, Labyrinth Screening can handle it.

Stay alert with continuous monitoring

Say goodbye to time-consuming periodic screening. Instead, Labyrinth Screening will monitor in real time and alert you as soon as things change. Whether it’s an addition to a sanctions list or a change of PEP status, stay up to date and meet your regulatory obligations with continuous monitoring.


Languages, scripts and dialects supported


Name variants in our database


Improvement over fuzzy matching technology


Stay on top of the latest global sanctions with extensive access to international lists. This includes the UK, EU, OFAC and AUSTRAC sanctions lists.


Spot additional financial risks by screening against different watchlists, such as the FATF’s Black and Grey Lists. Screen widely across a vast range of lists, or select specific watchlists relevant to your organisation, such as specific state-owned company or beneficial ownership lists.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Efficiently screen foreign and domestic PEPs, as well as their relatives and close associates, and be alerted straight away if a customer’s PEP status changes.

“We have been impressed by Ripjar’s approach to complex challenges in counter-party monitoring and beyond, and are delighted to welcome Ripjar to the Chartis RiskTech100.”

- Phil Mackenzie, Research Principal, Chartis

“Ripjar has a pedigree in supporting European financial institutions, as well as those that run operations across the globe. This made them the perfect fit to support the requirements of VP Bank.”

- Markus Reinacher, Head Group Compliance & Operational Risk, VP Bank Group

“Ripjar leverages AI to power advanced risk assessment based on contextual data, executing at scale and in near real-time to support perpetual KYC and other critical use cases in risk and compliance.”

- Neil Katkov, Director, Celent

Name variants

You can do better than fuzzy matching. Labyrinth Screening holds a database of over 1 million name variants to choose from - including Cyrillic, Arabic and logographic alphabets. This super flexible tuning ability means no more time spent wading through thousands of irrelevant results.

Entity matching

Stop struggling with false positives, especially for common or high profile names. Labyrinth Screening’s entity matching process uses multiple identifiers to accurately determine whether matches are correct. In fact, our industry-leading technology is proven to help reduce false positives by up to 91%.

Enhance your screening with adverse media

Watchlists can only get you so far. While they successfully identify certain types and stages of risk, context is everything. Spot a wider range of risks and capture new and evolving concerns sooner with our industry-leading adverse media screening, all within the same platform.

AI Risk Profiles

Name screening should be fast and uncomplicated. Our AI Risk Profiles gather each customer’s sanctions, watchlist, PEP and adverse media results into a single up-to-date profile, giving you a clear, concise view of the risk associated with that person.

Flexible integrations

Whether you want to use it as a standalone system or integrate it with your current tech, Labyrinth Screening is flexible to suit your needs. Use its straightforward user interface, or integrate Labyrinth Screening within your existing systems using our robust suite of APIs.

Simple deployment

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. Labyrinth Screening can be deployed to your chosen architecture, from on-premise to highly secure SaaS instances. And whichever option you choose, all of your client data is of course protected by our intelligence-grade security.

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