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Screening Innovation: Labyrinth Screening, Featuring AI Risk Profiles

Identifying risk in your client portfolio is a huge challenge. Customer data can be limited and problematic, while media data can be noisy and imprecise. Many screening methods generate a large number of false positives, struggle to achieve accuracy at scale, and put a significant time burden on analysts.

Ripjar's Labyrinth Screening features AI Risk Profiles which are designed to address these challenges directly, saving analysts time and increasing accuracy in customer screening.

Data from both structured and unstructured sources is reviewed to build individual profiles for people and organisations, with advanced natural language processing extracting the most relevant items necessary to give a clear and complete view of relevant risks as quickly as possible.

AI-powered multi-lingual name matching and entity resolution are used to overcome screening challenges such as common or high profile names, helping ensure your organisation's regulatory compliance by identifying risks other screening methods might miss.

This approach also captures a huge number of secondary identifiers - such as dates of birth, nationalities, locations and roles - from unstructured text. This vast expansion of context leads to richer data and better recall. Standard watchlists are also enriched with these additional properties, improving sanctions and PEP screening accuracy.

80% of AI Risk Profiles contain secondary identifiers, which is key to reducing false positives. Testing has shown that there can be as much as a 91% reduction in false positives alongside a 5% improvement in recall.

By aggregating these properties across millions of articles, Labyrinth Screening can assign identifiers to entities at a scale which is simply not possible in human-curated profiles, and at an accuracy not achievable with article-based risk evaluation.

AI Risk Profiles assemble all this information into single 360° profile views for people and companies, identifying areas of relevant risk across adverse media, sanctions lists and watchlists and PEPs.

With many organisations limited on the time - and associated cost - they can spend on screening each client, AI Risk Profiles offer a much faster, more efficient approach.

As well as being quick and easy to navigate, these individual summaries deliver more targeted, relevant information to enable analysts to effectively assess risk. Intelligent classification prioritises and pinpoints the most relevant articles to review, decreasing analyst workload by 10x and reducing the time investment required.

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