Ripjar Data Studio


Bring your data together through our data studio, map disparate data sources to one single coherent understanding. Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning Classifications that get applied to your unstructured data. Enrich with your own subject matter expertise and domain specific contexts.

Ripjar Explorer


Explore your data at unprecedented speed, whether you are exploring hundreds of millions of items or a few thousand our platform allows you to glide through your data. Fusing internal and external data sources through key concepts such as “who”, “what”, “where” and “when”. Advanced analytics uncover the patterns and anomalies within the data.

Ripjar Command Centre


Unlike most platforms, our analytics are not designed to retroactively understand from the last week, month or year but to analyse data on the fly. Our realtime dashboards are configurable to focus on the patterns that matter to your business. Design alerts that get sent direct to you in realtime, allowing you to manage, respond and avert crisis.

Ripjar’s Data Intelligence platform brings together the latest techniques in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Visual Analytics to make a step change to your business.

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